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4 Essential Elements of Your Photography Contract
FYI: your photography contract isn’t complete without them.
Thu 13 Jul 2023
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As photographers, we know that our craft isn’t just about setting up photo shoots from start to finish and capturing stunning shots for our photography clients – it’s also about running a successful business! And as a business owner, it’s essential for you to have photography contracts that outline the details and expectations of your work so you can protect yourself and your photography business. Read on for the key components that all professional photography contracts should contain, and how the Unscripted App can help ensure your contracts are up to code.

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Branding your photography contracts

While it’s essential to make sure your contracts are drafted correctly, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun along the way.

Put your artistic eye to good use by branding your photography contracts with your logo, colors and fonts. This not only makes your photography contracts appear more professional and visually appealing, but adding your branding elements also makes it less intimidating for your photography clients to read, and ultimately, sign!

Outlining scope of work in your photography contracts

Photography contracts should clearly outline what is included when your clients book a session with you! This includes the date, timing and when they can expect their final photos and any other deliverables.

As you’re focusing on this area of your photography contracts, it’s crucial to be as detailed as possible to avoid any crossed wires and ensure you’re meeting their expectations.

This includes being super clear about timelines, how many photos to expect, pricing and payment and any other important details.

Clarifying payment terms in your photography contracts

Your photography contracts should also clearly state the rates and pricing for your services. Be sure to incorporate extra work costs like additional hours or photos, so you can avoid scope creep and keep your clients aware of what’s included – and what’s not.

It’s also vital to specify when payments are due and how you prefer to be paid. Your client doesn’t want to be surprised after you’ve sent off your photography invoice, and you definitely don’t wanna deal with a payment dispute (and broken trust from your client.)

Protecting yourself with your photography contracts

Branding, scope of work and payment details aside, remember that your photography contracts are in place to protect you and your business! Make sure that you’re running with a contract (or a template) that’s lawyer-approved and legally binding.

If you’re using a contract template, make sure it’s compliant with specific local laws and regulations. This helps protect you and your business from any legal issues that may arise.

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Why do I need a photography contract?

A contract legally protects both you and your clients, outlining the terms and expectations of your services, payment, and more.

What essential elements should my photography contract include?

Your contract should have clear details on the services, fees, payment schedule, cancellation policy, usage rights, and deliverables.

Can I use a template contract for my photography business?

Yes, but it's important to customize template contracts to match your specific services, policies, and legal requirements.

How should I handle disputes or disagreements outlined in the contract?

The contract should include a section detailing dispute resolution procedures, such as mediation or arbitration, to resolve conflicts professionally.