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Photography galleries
Deliver Photos

Impress your clients
with stunning photo

CLIENT Galleries

Client-friendly galleries

Client galleries
A user-friendly gallery that makes sure your photos have an impact when it matters most – making it easy for your clients to download photos, select favorites, and share moments with loved ones.
Customizable design

Beautiful templates

Photographer galleries Mobile photography gallery templates
  • Choose from a variety of professionally-designed templates

  • Multiple designs to suit your style – be it modern, nostalgic, or classic

  • Looks amazing on any device
Favorites lists

Curate fave collections

Mobile photography gallery templates Photography gallery curation
  • Make it easy for your clients to mark their favorite shots

  • Up your photography game knowing what your clients love

  • Easily share, compare, and print selects
Password protect

Secure and private
photo sharing

Password protected photo gallery
  • Confidently control and manage who can access your sessions

  • Password-protected galleries 

  • Put your clients at ease knowing their photos are safe
watermarking & download limits

Upsell your photos

Online client gallery Watermark photography gallery
  • Watermark your images to protect your creative property

  • Turn off downloads with the click of a button

  • Make more money from your sessions
upload gifs

Bring your photos to life
with moving images

Photography gallery GIF GIF gallery
  • Elevate your sessions and add that extra sparkle to your gallery with GIF integration

  • Tell better stories and create a unique client gallery experience by bringing the energy of the day through a GIF
included in your subscription
Download at web or full res
super Fast loading time


Why watermark photos in a client gallery?
Some gallery delivery services offer this service to make sure your photos have protection against theft. Sign up for Unscripted Galleries and protect your creative property by selecting which images to watermark in the click of a button.
Can you make photos in a gallery private?
Generally, yes – most gallery delivery services offer this feature, and it’s essential that they do! With Unscripted Galleries, it’s easier than ever to confidently control who can access your galleries and enjoy secure and password-protected photo sharing.
Why should you use photo gallery templates?
Gallery templates help you wow your clients without having to spend all your time arranging and coding images so they have maximal impact. Unscripted App for Photographers has multiple templates to choose from to suit any photographer’s style.

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I love how quick and easy the galleries are to set
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ElliE Anderson
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