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Photography education
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Facebook group

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Photography facebook group
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9 part Video series

Free photography course

Learn photography videos
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educational library

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Photography education app
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Learn on-the-go

Unscripted podcast for photographers
Through real-life advice and exciting conversations, we dive into the nitty gritty of how to authentically connect with your clients, capture emotion-filled images you actually care about, and how to navigate growing your business sustainably and in a way that feels like you.
ever-growing educational library


How do I get my photography featured?
Do your research and match the mood of the photo with the style of the publication, account, or app you’re trying to get it featured on. Make sure the you submit it to the correct location, a publication might have a specific email address or place on their website to submit a photo. Unscripted has a submission feature in the posing section.
What are the benefits of joining a referral program?
If you want to make your photography side-hustle more profitable, joining a referral program is a great way to generate some income on top of your 9-5. If you’re a photographer, influencer, or skilled hobbyist, the Unscripted App for Photographers has a great program that’s easy to join – all you have to do is click on the ‘Referral Program’ section in the top left menu of your Unscripted App for Photographers. Once you’ve gotten the green light, you’ll be able to create your personal code to give $20 and get $20.
What’s the best free photography course online?
Photography courses that have videos are the easiest to learn from. Unscripted’s 9-day video course includes posing tips for individuals, couples, and families, as well as lighting techniques, lessons on photography composition, photography business tips, productivity hacks, and more.
How do I teach myself photography?
Skill up with podcasts, blogs, guides, videos and all the interviews you can get your hands on! The Unscripted App for Photographers has a whole education section that helps you build your skills and learn your way with access to an ever-growing educational library full of photography information.

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