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Easy prompts for male sessions

Get great natural-looking photos

Sun 15 Jan 2023
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Written by Meghan Gibson

The best male poses for pictures

Most of the photographers that I know tend to struggle with posing single men for photos. To be honest, single men simply aren’t the bulk of our clientele. Go-To prompts such as “twirl”, “play with your hair”, and “smell those flowers” can feel forced and uncomfortable for those that are more masculine. Nevertheless, you can still get great natural-looking male model poses out of your senior and individual sessions with the use of a few simple, easy tips, tricks, and prompts if you know them!

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1. Get them comfortable in front of the camera.

I’ve found that the simplest and quickest way to get someone comfortable in front of the camera is to get them moving. Do a few walking, climbing, or sporty shots to get your client feeling loose and comfortable.

2. Make them laugh.

Easier said than done, but if you can get your client genuinely laughing it always guarantees great photos. I find that it’s important not to take yourself too seriously, if you can relax enough to be goofy and silly it will automatically help your client feel more comfortable too.

Sometimes this is as easy as asking them what always makes them laugh -- if you get lucky they’ll laugh as they tell you!


3. Get a variety of angles.

Be sure to get a variety of close up and far away shots during your male senior session. Don’t be afraid to play with creative angles or reflections


4. Change positions.

Have your client move between standing, sitting, squatting, and walking. Ask them to rub their hands together or stand with their arms crossed. Ask them to lean forward or look away. Hands in and out of pockets.


5. Have your male senior use props & location.

Asking them to adjust their watch, roll up their sleeves, or otherwise fidget with what they’re wearing can lead to some great detail shots. Lean into the cool architectural or natural features around you. Have your client pose on nearby stairs or sit on a bench. If it’s a senior session and you’ve got a cap and gown to work with, don't hesitate to have your client throw the gown over his shoulder or toss the cap in the air.


6. Move away from the standard fake smile.

Prompts like “Give me a fierce look”, “smolder”, and “scratch your head” can help clients relax their faces and move away from forced smiles and facial expressions.


7. Get creative and include friends!

Ask your client if they have any hidden talents to show or if there are any male photography poses that they would like to try. Including friends, family, or their significant other also helps your subject relax as well as get natural laughs out of them!

I did Connor’s senior photographs last year and with these prompts up my sleeve it was a cinch. Remember that it’s always easier to connect and feel comfortable with your client if you can get to know them a little bit before the session. I always recommend sending out a little get to know you questionnaire to help me learn about my client’s interests and how to best capture photos they’ll love for years to come. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience that doesn’t mean that you or your client need to feel uncomfortable or confused.

A little bonus about Connor’s session was that halfway through we ran into his best friend doing his own senior photo session. We teamed up and got some great candid shots of Connor and his friend. They were having so much fun together we didn’t even need to prompt them!

Don’t forget to download the app and explore our prompts & poses for male seniors here!


For more inspiration from Meghan Gibson follow her photography Instagram account and if you're interested in learning from this true talent check out Meghan’s resources on meghangphotography.com

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Why is it important to use fun prompts during photo sessions with male subjects?

Fun prompts help create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere during photo sessions. They encourage genuine expressions, laughter, and natural interactions, making for more engaging and authentic photographs. This is equally important for male subjects to capture their true personalities and emotions.

What are some examples of fun prompts that work well with male subjects?

Fun prompts for male subjects can include activities like high fives, fist bumps, playful challenges, or asking them to share their favorite jokes or anecdotes. These prompts can evoke laughter and camaraderie, resulting in dynamic and engaging photos.

How can fun prompts enhance the overall experience for male clients during a photo session?

Fun prompts create a memorable and enjoyable experience for male clients. They often feel more comfortable and at ease, allowing their personalities to shine through. This positive experience not only leads to great photos but also builds rapport and trust with the photographer.

Can fun prompts be incorporated into different types of photography sessions with males, such as portraits, family, or engagement sessions?

Absolutely! Fun prompts are versatile and can be adapted to various types of photography sessions. They can be used in portrait, family, engagement, or even professional headshot sessions to add an element of playfulness and authenticity to the images, regardless of the context.