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Elopement photography: Posing styles for couples of all kinds
Make your next elopement photoshoot goes off without a hitch!
Wed 28 Jun 2023
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Whether you’re booking your first-ever elopement shoot or you’re a seasoned pro, every elopement photo session will be different! So it’s vital to have some tried-and-true poses and prompts up your sleeve for every type of couple! Not only will this ensure your sessions go off without a hitch, it also guarantees you’ll have some stellar shots that both the clients and your portfolio will love.

Aiming to add more posing ideas to your elopement photography book? Keep scrolling for some gorgeous poses from the Unscripted App that will make your first elopement shoot (and every other) a total breeze!

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For the camera-shy couple

Having some posing and prompt ideas in your elopement photography playbook will definitely help your couple feel more at ease in front of the lens, but if they’re feeling camera-shy in general, we’ve got just the thing!

Warm them up with a bit of movement by having them hold hands as they walk towards you, bringing their heads in together. You can also have them stand next to each other, pretending to ignore their partner!

For the outgoing couple

One of the perks of working as a photographer? You get the chance to meet all kinds of people! The same goes for elopement photography, so you want to come prepared, no matter what type of couple you encounter.

For the more outgoing, adventurous types, save up some fun couple poses and prompts that allow their personalities to shine! (This is also a great opportunity to utilize your client notes to get a feel for their interests!) Opt for funny posing ideas like the pizza-box shot: ask them to sit side by side, holding the pizza boxes up and to the side as they kiss.

Or, showcase one of their hobbies with something like the surfboard photography pose – ask one of them to hold the board over their head as their honey runs up and hugs them.


Let’s get intimate

Elopement poses are all about capturing the couple’s personalities and love for one another. For those warm, fuzzy feels, some more intimate photography poses and prompts will definitely do the trick.

Start by asking them to sit down and instructing one of them to grab the other’s head for a passionate kiss.

For a standing shot, have their sweetie hold their waist as they stand behind them. Then, have them pull their partner in with their right hand for a kiss.


Showcase the destination

Whether you’ve scouted photo locations beforehand or the couple has a super specific spot in mind, destination elopement shoots are a stunning way to showcase their love of adventure!

Let the landscape do the work for you, but have some elopement poses and prompts ready to pull out.

One solid photography pose: simply asking one of them to pull their partner in close and pop their foot. For destination elopements, this is a stunning shot idea for magic hour in the desert, the beach, candid shots, you name it!

From there, go to a sitting pose and pan out a bit to capture the gorgeous setting. Then, have one partner hold the back of their partner’s neck and bring them in for a kiss.


Let’s get dramatic!

The couple chose to forego the theatrics of a wedding ceremony, so now’s the perfect time to go big!

One idea: an editorial style photoshoot! Set the scene with props and instruct one partner to wrap their arm around their love and link hands with them, slightly bending one leg.

Another sweet shot: posing in colorful smoke! This can be tailored to match the vibe (and their outfits) – simply have them step into the smoke and kiss!

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What is the difference between elopement and wedding photography?

Elopement photography is typically less formal, and the focus is on capturing the emotions of the couple rather than posed shots.

What should clients wear for their elopement photo shoot?

It's important to wear something that makes them feel comfortable and confident. Encourage them to dress to fit the location and season, and consider coordinating their outfits with your partner.

Can we include friends and family in our elopement photo shoot?

If you're planning on having a small group of friends and family present during your elopement ceremony, your photographer can capture group shots and individual portraits. Just be sure to communicate your wishes with your photographer beforehand.

How long should we book our elopement photo shoot for?

The length of your elopement photo shoot depends on what you want to capture. Some couples book a few hours to capture the ceremony and portraits, while others may book a full day to document the entire elopement experience.