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How to find endless photography prompts

Places to look for that much-needed spark for your next session.

Wed 31 May 2023
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Keeping your clients engaged and comfortable is key to capturing stellar, authentic photos (and keeping your portfolio lookin’ good). One way to do this is through the use of carefully selected prompts. These cues help direct the subject’s attention and emotions, so you can shoot more authentic photos and they’ll have something to treasure for years to come! If you’re struggling to find fresh ideas and keep coming up short, we’ve got you. The following are some great ideas to inspire fun new posing prompts!

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Social media

As you’re scrolling your timeline, keep an eye out for inspiration for your next photo shoot. Social media platforms – especially Instagram – can be a treasure trove of prompting ideas, from mastering movement to wedding inspo. Follow other photographers and creatives on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, and be sure to bookmark anything that sparks a new prompting idea! Many photographers will also share behind-the-scenes looks at some of their shoots on their blogs or websites, so you can get a better idea of the posing prompts they used to achieve their shots.


Magazines may sound like an unlikely source for fresh posing prompts, but hear us out! Personal interviews can provide a ton of emotional photo prompting ideas, as the questions are designed to bring out big feelings and establish a connection between the interviewer and interviewee. Check out magazines like Vanity Fair, Psychology Today and others that regularly feature personal interviews and spotlights.

TV and film

Movies can also be a fantastic source for sparking fresh photography prompts! Ask your subject about their favorite films before their individual shoot and don’t be afraid to pull out some quotes or references as you’re snapping away! For example, you could ask a couple to reenact their favorite scene from The Notebook for their engagement shoot, or ask a child to pretend to be their favorite superhero.

Your client

Looking to social media, magazines and TV/film are all solid resources to spark fresh prompting ideas, but be sure to consider your client, too!

Send over a brief questionnaire before your photo session to get a better idea of their interests and you’ll have the ultimate guide to getting them comfortable and ready to pose!

For example, you could ask them to channel their favorite heroine for an empowering photoshoot, quote a line from their favorite rom-com as a fun photo prompting idea, or simply rock out to a song they love.

The unscripted app

Instagram, magazines and online communities can all be great places to find fresh photography prompts, but it can eat up a lot of your time. You can also attend some local workshops, but they’re usually not cheap.

For those of us that want to spark creativity and get back to shooting, there’s the Unscripted App. This free app offers new content (added daily!) and a ton of educational guides and resources. After all, when you level up in your skills, you’re also opening the door to far more opportunities.

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What are prompts in photography?

A photography prompt is a cue you give to your subject to act or react to as they take their picture.

What are examples of photography prompts?

Photography prompts can range from asking your subject to walk towards the camera, to thinking about the person that most inspires them.

How much does a photography class cost?

On average, many classes range from about $125 for a half-day workshop to $2,500+ for a comprehensive course.

What are the 3 most important things in photography?

Light, subject and composition are the three critical parts of photography!

What is a photo pose?

A pose is the way to position your body in a certain way for a photograph.