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How to learn photography
Newbie photographers, start here!
Mon 26 Jun 2023
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Whether you’ve recently fallen in love with the art of photography or you’ve always dreamed of being behind the lens, the road to becoming a confident photographer can seem impossible to navigate on your own. Learning the lingo, mastering the technology and constantly searching for inspiration – whew, we’re tired just thinking about it!

Brushing up on your photography knowledge doesn’t have to be a drag, especially with the right tools to keep you up to date on the latest industry trends. Keep reading for more tips to learn photography and how the Unscripted App can help.

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Connect with like-minded photographers

The art of photography can’t be learned from research alone. Real-world experience matters, so it’s essential to connect and network with others along the way! Join the Unscripted Facebook group to connect, share your work and get feedback from your peers.

The best part: this growing creative community is made up of photographers of all levels, so you’re in good company regardless of your experience.

Find inspiration

This isn’t just for those starting their photography education – finding inspiration is an ongoing process!

As you’re starting to book your initial photo sessions and gain more experience, having some go-to poses and prompts in your repertoire is essential to building your confidence and ensuring the client’s comfort.

As you’re searching for inspo for your future shoots, head over to the Poses and Prompts section of the Unscripted App – new poses and prompts are added constantly, so you’ll never run out of fresh ideas!

Watch videos

As you’re building your photography education, make sure to watch as many videos as you can, whether that’s staying updated on the latest tech or learning new techniques. The Unscripted video series on YouTube offers tutorials on everything from how to pose families to the ins and outs of composition, so you can sharpen your skills while learning from the best.

Read guides from professional photogs

As you continue to learn photography, remember there’s no one-size-fits-all approach – you have to grow your skills your way!

Check the Education section of the Unscripted App for guides, blogs and photographer interviews – this section covers everything from business and marketing to editing and workflow, so you can dive into whatever subject sparks your interest and become a better photographer in the process.

Listen to the best in the biz

If you’re a newbie photographer that’s hoping to turn your hobby into a business, you should definitely have some photography podcasts queued up!

The Unscripted Podcast For Photographers provides real-life advice and insight from the pros, and even dives into the nitty-gritty of how to connect with your clients, capture stunning shots and more.

Work with other photographers

Guides, videos and podcasts aside, the best way to strengthen your photography skills is to get out there and work with other photographers!

If you’re struggling to find photographers in your area or hoping to add more to your network, check out the job board on the Unscripted App! It’s a super easy way to connect with fellow photogs, get feedback and gain more experience behind the lens!

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How much does it cost to get started in photography?

$700 will get you a good enough camera to start your photography journey. You can edit on your smartphone using free apps and run your business with Unscripted for as little as $3 a week.

Can I teach myself to be a photographer?

Yes! Trial and error and frequent practice will help you along as you get comfortable with concepts like exposure, aperture, shutter speed, and more.

Where should a beginner photographer start?

As you learn basic photography concepts, start by understanding the exposure triangle and how proper exposure is influenced by aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.

Can you be a photographer without going to college?

Depending on your end goals, formal education is not required to be a photographer! To kickstart your career journey in this industry you can check out job listings for photographers and freelance photo editors on sites like Jooble.

Are online photography courses worth it?

In short, yes. Learning photography online gives you more opportunities to collaborate with others and learn key skills from trusted experts.