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5 prompting ideas for family photography

Go to prompts that will be a hit with the whole fam.

Thu 15 Jun 2023
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If you’ve booked more than one family photography session, you already know there’s no one-size-fits-all approach! Whether you’re photographing a family with younger children or an extended family with older siblings, it’s essential to have some good photography prompts up your sleeve to help them relax, have fun and show their authentic selves.

If you have some family photography sessions on the books, it definitely pays to be prepared! Here are some great go-to photography prompts for posing families, so you can shoot with confidence and add even more stellar shots to your growing portfolio.

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“Nose kisses!”

As far as prompting ideas go, this is one of the best posing prompts for younger families!

To capture this adorable shot, have a parent squat down while the child leans forward, bringing them nose to nose. This would also be a great photo prompt for families with two little ones, as each parent will receive a nose kiss!


Finish this sentence: “Grandma cooks the best…”

Who doesn’t love grandma’s cooking? As you’re searching for prompts for your extended family photoshoots, consider questions and statements that stir up warm, fuzzy feelings between the grandchildren and grandparents! For this sweet prompt, have grandma sit and have the grandchildren cuddle close for a sweet, snuggly shot.


“Lead your mama to your favorite flower!”

One of the best ways to mix up your family photoshoot, this prompt invites a little role reversal!

Ask the child to hold the parent's hand and walk towards an object nearby. It brings a sense of candidness to the photo and makes it seem as if the child is leading the parent.


“Look at the person who sleeps the most in your family!”

If you’re photographing a family with multiple children and a baby, this is one of those posing prompts that’s guaranteed to be a hit! Instruct one of the parents to sit in between their partner’s legs as they hold the baby in their arms. Then, have the older children sit around them and tickle the baby.


“Show me who can do the sweetest smile for the longest.”

This is one of those easy photography prompts that can help everyone feel more at home in front of the camera! Have the family hug with the parents in the middle and the youngest on a parent’s shoulders (or the parent holding them) and ask everyone for their sweetest smile.

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How do I plan a family photo session?

As you’re planning family photos, decide whether you want formal portraits or something more casual. It’s also wise to plan the mother’s outfit first, then coordinate everyone else’s outfit around hers. Also, make sure everyone has eaten before the shoot.

What time of year is best for family photos?

Generally, autumn is the best time for family photos as the light makes it easier to achieve that warm, glowy look.

What color is best for family photos?

This will depend on the photography style and season, but warm colors are generally a solid choice, as they evoke feelings of warmth and serenity.

What is the best time of day to take family photos outside?

For the best outdoor photos, aim for golden hour – an hour before sunset or an hour after sunrise.

What time of day is typically the worst time to take photos?

Avoid taking family photos around high noon. The direct sunlight can be harsh and lead to flat, blown-out images.