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Top photography business tips
Your photography biz is about to be better than ever.
Thu 06 Jul 2023
Grow your biz with the Unscripted App

Striving to take your photography business to the next level this year? Who isn’t.

Getting there is going to require you to have some solid business practices in place. Fortunately, you don’t have to be totally amazing at all things admin to make it happen — just following a few easy photography business tips can help you make more money, better manage photoshoots and streamline your workflow, so you’re freed up to focus on scoring more photography clients and sharpening your photography skills!

Download the Unscripted App to create your dream portfolio.

Create a beautiful portfolio

As a photographer, your portfolio is your calling card — it should be current, showcase your best work and represent your unique style!

Use the Unscripted App to create a beautiful portfolio, and share it anywhere and everywhere you can. (Pro tip: As you’re sharing on social media, be sure to include your special booking link – it will send booking requests straight to your phone, so you don’t have to comb through endless emails and texts to find the information you need!)

Make booking easier for clients

Another top photography business tip: create a streamlined booking process!

Making it easier for your clients to get on your calendar is one way to boost your business fast. A simple booking process also makes it easier for you to stay organized and in touch, keeping all your client information in one place, so you don’t have to comb through email chains and text messages to find information regarding deposits, scheduling and other important details.

The Unscripted app’s integrated booking system allows photography clients to book directly from your website or social media, sending the request straight to your phone, so you can get future clients on your photoshoot schedule ASAP. (Oh, and once they’re booked, the app also offers a What To Wear guide you can send before the shoot!)

Streamline your workflow

Taking some simple steps to streamline your workflow with photography CRM will save you tons of time in the future. This includes utilizing templates whenever possible (think wedding templates, contracts, photo galleries and photography invoices!) and keeping all of your client documents and assets in one place.

Good news: the Unscripted app offers all of these things, so you can skip the admin work entirely.

Protect your business

All other photography business tips aside, if you’re not taking the proper steps to protect yourself, you risk major headaches in the future. Having contracts and guidelines already in place also offers your clients peace of mind, as they know they’re working with a total pro! The app offers lawyer-approved contract templates for every type of session, along with e-signature capabilities, so you can get those contracts signed in a flash.

Reduce your cost

It can be easy to sign up for various subscriptions here and there, but they add up pretty quickly! Before you consider any more subscriptions, take a look at what you’re currently paying for and reevaluate. Then, consider the photography business tips above and consider going with one simple plan.

The Unscripted subscription allows you to run your business, manage photoshoots, create and send photography invoices, deliver stunning client galleries and more. In addition to reducing your costs, the subscription also allows you to network with other Unscripted photographers and look for future work!

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How profitable is a photography business?

Full-time photographers can typically make anywhere between $30,000 and $75,000 per year, and some make even more than that.

When should a photographer invoice?

Most photographers invoice for photography by requiring a portion of the total to be paid upfront and then a remaining balance before the session takes place or on the date of the session.

Can you make your own photography contract?

You can write your own photography contract from scratch but you run the risk of missing important details or omitting essential legal terms. The more professional and accurate your photography contract is, the more legally binding it will be.

How do you get people to book you as a photographer?

Consistently share your work online – including your portfolio – and make sure it’s easy for potential clients to contact you.

How many photos should I have in my photography portfolio?

Aim for 10-15 photos. It's okay to have a few more or a few less. But you shouldn't overwhelm or bore potential clients.