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Are you ready to share epic savings with your fellow photogs? You’re in the right place! This is where you’ll find assets, information, and handy tips to help you make the most of this program and boost your own income along the way.
Here’s how it works
Every time your code is used, you get $20 added to your account and new users get $20 off their Annual or Lifetime subscription.
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Use these shareable assets and start
earning – it’s that easy! Take your pick
from ready-to-use Canva templates or
editable templates to add your personal

Becoming an influencer is easy

Step 1
To start, simply click on the ‘Influencer Program’ section in the top left menu of your app (or click this link if on mobile).
Step 2
Once you’ve gotten the green light from us, you’ll be able to create your personal code. Use a code with your name in it so it’s unique and easy to remember.
Step 3
Every time your code is used, you get $20 added to your account and new users get $20 off their Annual or Lifetime subscription. It’s that easy!
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RULES: Please don’t share screenshots of our pricing page. As the price differs depending on currency and this may cause confusion.

Earn more with these simple tips

Share how Unscripted has helped you
Tell your audience genuine personal stories that emphasize the ways that Unscripted has changed your business for the better. Be specific and genuine and use conversational language.
Create beautiful content
Regularly create and share 2-5 slides educating your audience on different game-changing features and share your code in the last slide. Rotate through the features and use scroll-stopping images.
Be unique and call out specific features
What are some Unscripted features that have made your life easier? Use this as an opportunity to flex your creativity and take interesting photos of the app in action and share them on your feed with your code.
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Creative ways & places to share your code

Drop it into Insta stories + posts
Share a dedicated highlight reel
Put your code in a Linktree button
Pop it in your FB groups
Create a blog post about Unscripted
Share your code on the homepage or dropdown menu of your website
Affiliate assets
Here are some graphics that you can use to promote Unscripted. Add these to your Instagram feed or stories, Facebook page, or anywhere you chat with your audience. Simply add your link/code and let the referrals start rolling in!
Insta story canva template Insta tile canva template Download pre-made assets LIFETIME ASSETS
Earning is easy!
Join our buzzing community of Unscripted influencers & start making money just by talking about us with your friends.
Look at Shelby go – $2000 in
just a few months!
Using the pre-made assets that Unscripted
provides, Shelby was able to engage her
community, grow her following, and quickly
earn through her referrals.
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