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5 Prompt ideas for couples photography

Take your romantic photoshoots from awkward to amazing.

Mon 12 Jun 2023
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Whether you are photographing an engagement, wedding, elopement, or any type of couple’s session, having a go-to collection of photography prompts will help you navigate your shoot with confidence and ease.

Preparing for your couples photography shoot with poses and prompts also helps your subjects feel more comfortable in front of the lens, so you can better capture those romantic moments with their sweeties. Check out some of our very favorite (and portfolio-friendly!) prompting ideas for couples below – your clients will be totally heart-eyed over the final results.

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“Synchronize your breathing.”

For this standing pose, instruct one partner to place their hand on their boo’s chest and their opposite arm over their shoulder. As they hug their partner, have their boo look out behind them. The result: a sweet, intimate pose that’s sure to tug at the heartstrings.


“Act as if you’re trying to break out of a straight jacket!”

This standing pose is less serious than the previous posing prompt, but the result is just as romantic!

To achieve this shot at your next couples photography session, instruct one partner to wrap their arms around the other and sway back and forth dramatically. This couples posing prompt is sure to elicit some LOLs and playful banter, so make sure you’re ready to capture these cute, lighthearted moments between the happy couple!


“Tell your sweetheart what makes them beautiful.”

This is one couple posing prompt that’s sure to melt their hearts! To achieve this walking pose, have the two lovebirds hold hands and step towards the camera. This adorable couples shot is a great option for snapping those sweet, intimate moments between the two – they won’t be able to stop smiling and blushing!


“Reminisce on the many sunsets you’ve shared together.”

This is one of our favorite sitting photography prompts, as it’s the perfect time for them to remember all of the amazing moments they’ve shared together. If your shoot is scheduled around golden hour – about an hour before sunset – save this one for last. As they’re sitting down next to each other, have one partner put their hand over the other’s shoulder, looking off into the sunset. We’re getting misty-eyed just envisioning it!


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What colors to wear for a couples photoshoot?

Neutral colors are always a safe bet. Keep in mind that sunlight on more vivid colors may reflect on the skin and cause discoloration.

What is the best aperture for couples?

For couples photography, shoot at wide apertures (f/1.2 to f/2.8). The shallow depth of field will help draw less attention to the surroundings and keep the focus on the couple.

When should you do engagement photos?

It’s best to have engagement photos taken at least 6 months before the big day. This gives the photographer enough time to edit images.

How do you plan a couple photoshoot?

As you’re planning your next couples photoshoot, be sure and understand their vision, scout locations, choose a lighting style, and have some posing prompts ready.

How long should a couples photoshoot be?

Plan your couples photoshoot to last for at least an hour.