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Top 5 posing ideas for mother’s day photoshoot

Rock your next mother’s day photo sesh with these 5 posing ideas!

Thu 04 Apr 2024
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Mother’s Day is on the horizon, and being armed with fresh posing inspo is a sure fire way to create memorable art for all your Mother’s Day clients. There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling like you’re all out of posing ideas, especially when you really want to nail a session. Thankfully, the Unscripted app serves as the perfect refresh to have you feeling confident and ready to tackle any motherhood session that comes your way. With these 5 photography prompts, centered around the beauty of mothers, you are destined to rock your session and provide the most amazing gallery to your clients!


The Snuggle

This pose is perfect for any mama whose kiddos may be a little shy at the start of the session. By holding her littles close, mama is creating a connection with them that not only makes them feel comfortable, but showcases the intimacy of motherhood. This pose can be achieved by asking mama to hold her babies and have everyone close their eyes.


The Flower Tuck

Instead of forcing kids to sit still and smile at the camera, try this pose! This one is ideal for any kiddo who may be a little more explorative during the session. Have mama kneel down as her little picks a flower and tucks it behind her ear. This creates the sweetest moment! Pro tip: be ready to take the photo on a whim! Sometimes these moments can happen quickly, and you don’t want to miss it!


The Piggy Back

The piggy back is such a classic pose! Not only does it create the most genuine expressions, but it allows mama and her little to have some fun and loosen up during the session. Kids can sometimes feel shy during a photoshoot, so this pose is a sure fire way to get them laughing in no time! Simply have mama hoist her little onto her back and be ready to capture their smiles and laughter!


The Gaze

This pose is perfect for mamas and older kiddos who want to avoid the stereotypical photos of looking directly into the camera. Instead, have mama sit in the grass with her little lying across her lap looking up at her. This creates the most serene image and really hones in on the still, quiet moments of motherhood.


The Upside Down

Looking for a pose that can work for a studio or the outdoors? Look no further than the upside down pose! This pose is perfect for mamas with two or more littles who may have some extra energy to burn during the session. Have mama pick up one of her babies while the others either run around behind her or run around her in a circle. This pose is the perfect way to capture the beautiful chaos of motherhood!

Nailing your next Mother’s Day photoshoot doesn’t have to be a challenge! These poses are just a small glimpse into all that the Unscripted app has to offer. Download Unscripted and get started with creating the most amazing Mother’s Day session of your dreams!

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_What’s the difference between poses and prompts? _

Poses are the directions you give to your clients. Prompts give the subjects space to interpret the pose and react naturally.

What’s the best way to approach motherhood sessions?

Keep an open mind! Some littles may be more comfortable than others at a photoshoot. Allow the littles room to explore and give them time to warm up to you!

_Are poses or prompts more important? _

They’re both equally important! Poses provide the direction needed to pull off a shot, while prompts may work better if you want to take a step back and capture more authenticity.