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5 Mothers Day Photography Prompts

How to capture stunning and emotional motherhood photos at your next session!

Tue 26 Mar 2024
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Mother’s Day is around the corner, and we want to set you up for success at your next motherhood, family, or maternity photo session! Finding creative prompts to bring out emotions and candid moments with your subject is so important when capturing beautiful photos. Here are 5 prompts to use at your next motherhood photo session!

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"Reflect on the past year and how far you have come as a mother"

This prompt is great for new mothers with littles! It gives them a moment to be proud of how much they’ve grown, all the obstacles they’ve overcome, and how sweet their kiddo is turning out to be! You’re sure the get some smiles and maybe a few sweet tears!


"What’s your favorite thing about your Mom?"

This is a great prompt to ask the kiddos at your session, and works with young and older children! It gets them involved in your photo session and they say all the sweet things that make their mama smile!


"Make a mamma sandwich!"

This is a fun prompt that gives silly or sweet results with little kids! All the hugs and squeezes captures emotions, with some families it could be silly, others sweet! You can also start up a conversation about the kids favorite sandwiches! Maybe its now a mama sandwich!


"Give your mommy kisses with your nose!"

This prompt is great for younger kids, especially those clinging to their mom because they’re shy or scared. It gives kiddos a chance to snuggle up close with their mom and feel safe! Maybe if they’re not so enthusiastic about a photo session, this prompt gives them a chance to be held close by their mama and they get to try a silly way to give kisses!


"In what ways do you want to be like your mom when you grow up?"

This is a great prompt for older kids! Prompts are all about giving families the space to have candid moments and reactions, and all the sweet words their kids say will totally get the smiles and emotions going! A great way to celebrate motherhood by complementing how awesome their mom is!

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What’s the difference between prompts and posing?

Prompts give subjects the space to have natural reactions to suggestions you give them! Poses are specific direction that may make your subject look stiff in photos. For storytelling photos, try new prompts!

How do you photograph little kids at photoshoots?

Give young families prompts during a photo session! This is a great way to give them direction in a photoshoot while young kids can still play!

What’s the difference between motherhood and family photo sessions?

Motherhood sessions are usually photoshoots with just a mom and her children. Family sessions can include both parents, kids, and extended family!