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How to be featured on the app

The ability to submit an image via the app is a handy and great tool for all photographers looking to be featured on the app.


  • Navigate to the ‘Browse Poses & Prompts’ section in your app. Poses & Prompts > camera icon top right corner > upload a pose
  • Select an image
  • Click ‘submit publicly to get featured on the app’ if you would like to be featured publicly for all app users to see.
  • Click ‘save to my private uploads folder’ if you would like your image to be uploaded privately for only you to see.
  • Fill in the remaining sections if possible
  • You will then be notified via when your submission has been featured

Please note, not all images are featured, so if you aren't featured the first time don't let that get you down! Things to keep in mind, if submitting a landscape image ensure your subject is in the centre of the image and the image will work if the sides are cropped. Check out the images featured on the app for reference.

Yay! You've submitted to the app and we are so grateful for your time.

Keep submitting or reach out to our team.