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How to find photography clients & stay booked as a new photographer

Here are our best tips for staying booked and finding photography clients near you, no matter where you live!

Sun 17 Mar 2024
Grow your biz with the Unscripted App

Growing your photography biz can feel like such an overwhelming task! So many questions pop up that can send you down a rabbit hole of information on the world wide web. One thing can lead to another and before you know it, you’re ready to give up before you get started. Enter Unscripted. Growing your photo biz just got a whole lot easier! Here at Unscripted we provide you with all the tools you need to get your biz off the ground and running in record time. From unique posing ideas to contracts and invoicing, we’ve got you covered from top to bottom!

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Collaborate The easiest way to find new clients is to collaborate with local vendors and artists! You’ll be able to meet new people, gain knowledge on shooting in various lighting scenarios, and create art that’s just for you! The value of collaborating is immeasurable - especially when it means getting your work reshared by your new industry friends! Vendors like hair and makeup artists, florists, venue owners, etc. are all great connections to have! You never know who follows who on social media, so getting these fellow creatives to share your work is worth its weight in gold!

Social Media

Speaking of social media, it’s all about the long game when it comes to posting on socials! Getting new clients = posting consistently with thought provoking and engaging captions! Show your personality, share how a shoot made you feel, and most importantly, stay authentic. Post stories, reels, and even dabble in creating Tik Tok videos. Tag any and all vendors you work with to get your work in front of a larger audience! It’s really that easy! Did you know that Unscripted offers a podcast that does a deep dive on the power of social media? Take a listen here!

Streamline Your Booking Process

In other words, make booking simple and easy for your clients! Add a booking link to your profile. Add a blurb in your bio for them to DM you. Bypass your website and let people browsing your profile know you’re looking for them! A streamlined booking process not only looks hella professional, but it also keeps things organized for each and every client.

Book in Advance

Who doesn’t love to plan, amirite? Clients love being able to book in advance so they can nail down outfits, gather all the inspo, and make sure to get their images back ahead of time! Open up booking in advance to get clients excited for what you’re offering! Mother’s Day around the corner? Create hype with your Mother’s Day minis and open up special booking to anyone who books within a certain time frame! Clients love seeing how excited you are for this special offering, so you’re sure to draw in some new (and repeat) bookings!

Show Your Achievements

Lastly, show your achievements! Have you been featured somewhere? Show it on your socials and tell the world about it! Clients find it super cool to see your accomplishments and there’s no doubt that they’ll tell folks all about how they’re being photographed by a published photographer!

Growing your photo biz doesn’t have to be a daunting task! Follow these steps and watch as your business soars to new heights in no time!

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Who do photographers collaborate with?

It’s easiest to collaborate with local vendors like hair and makeup artists, florists, venue owners, and like-minded people on social media.

How can I find new clients?

Post on social media to get the word out about your brand and everything you have to offer!

Should I share my achievements on social media?

In a word? YES! Clients want to see your success!